Friday, April 2, 2010

The ink runs dry

as I prepare for essentially pure hell in April and May @-@

Sorry I've been so inactive on the netz lately. School is literally taking over my life. ._.

I did manage, however, to write up a vignette that I had been mulling over for a while. \o/ Always a good start to be writing little pieces at the very least. But even the ink in my poem well has gone dry o-o;; And those come to me so naturally.

Once June hits and finals are over, I promise I'll be roaring with ideas if I'm not playing Pokemanz. :D

But I thought I'd just make a quick comment on how useful dreams can be. :) No joke, I highly recommend that writers have a dream journal that they keep near their bed. Our subconscious concocts wonderful plot bunnies and spins these lovely little yarns every night. Don't you want to keep those little gems someplace safe?

The scene I wrote about a girl playing her violin didn't come from me, actually. Contrary to the vague author's comment I wrote on dA. And the idea has been collecting dust in the back of my mind for a while. I think it was in February or so.


In reality, this dream came from the protagonist himself, Kevin.

I was talking with Kevin and "Rachel" before our concert, and he randomly mentions that he dreamt about me. Playing the violin. In the rain.

I found the idea both amusing and fascinating, and "Kiss the Rain" was born on a late March evening. xD

Yeah, I'm "Felicity". The names have been deliberatly changed, obviously. xp Except for Kevin. For some odd reason, I felt that his name fit perfectly without any alterations, so I didn't change it.

I think mentally and creatively, dreams are wonderfully helpful, as a means of inspiration and just rethinking yourself. :)

A few recommendations, tips, trivia, etc:

1. It's hard to remember dreams! We have quite a few a night. When you first wake up in the morning, have your journal at the ready with a writing implement and start jotting down all the details you remember right away. With practice you'll get better.

2. Get a pretty journal to write in. :D Not too pretty that you won't dare write in it, but nice enough that it'll encourage you to write them down.

3. Personally, I find it fun to look up what experts say about your dreams. Check it out, and see if your subconscious is trying to tell you something. When you're aware of that, sometimes it helps develop a theme if you plan to write on it later. :]

4. Talk to other people about their dreams! Sometimes, people have some weird/wacky/enlightening dreams, and they make lovely stories. :3

5. Random fact: Most people, do, in fact, dream in color. :)

Always dream in technicolor, kids ♥


  • Keri said...

    If you knew of my dreams, you wouldn't persuade me to write them down. It is a very interesting source of dreams are... Well, it's a topic better left unperturbed. XD

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