Friday, February 26, 2010


...Grasp a pen and begin
Scritch scratch

Trembling fingers

Knuckles cracking
Bench creaking

Dance across steel and ivory

Eyes up front

Freeze, then
Breathe out

Let's give a round of applause

I was talking to Shuichi one day about a few piano songs by Enya he wanted me to learn, and it gave me a few story ideas, but even more than that, it got me to thinking.

If I lost the use of my hands for any reason, I think I would die. Honestly. Not just because we use our hands for everyday things like holding things and moving them and the like. But for the wonderful things we do with our hands to create.

I can write stories with my hands.
I can make music with my hands.
I can create.

I started to think about how lost I would be with writing or music. If I couldn't do either of them, I'd be completely devastated.

I think a few months ago, I was talking with Yuki how cool it would be to get together with a small group of friends to make an ensemble and play in a public place together to collect money for a charity for deaf children.

Living in a world where you couldn't hear a thing and everything is silent... How terrible. :/

And yesterday, Shuichi and I were discussing perhaps starting a write-a-thon of sorts at our school to raise money for NaNo.

I would love to do both of these things. I think I just might do both.

I feel lucky. I have hands. I have ears. I can create. I can make things better. ♥


  • Sydnee said...

    As a painter as well as a writer, I too depend very heavily on my hands. I can't imagine living without them, but I'm grateful for all my limbs and senses. I love being able to see even though I'm nearsighted. I love being able to hear although it means I have to tolerate my sister screeching all the time. I love being able to taste french fries. If I had to live without one, though, I would give up my legs. You can still live pretty independently without being able to walk, but without hands? Not so much.

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